Failing Old SealRite windows?

History of Your Original Seal Rite Windows

Your original Seal Rite Windows were manufactured in Lincoln, Nebraska. Seal Rite Windows Inc. was established in 1976. From 1976 through the 1990’s Seal Rite Windows Inc. was an inexpensive window compared to Pella and Anderson its main competitors. Due to their inexpensive price, Seal Rite Windows Inc. sold millions of windows. Unfortunately, Seal Rite Inc. produced a window with several problems you may now be experiencing and causing your original Seal Rite windows to fail. 

Problem #1: Wood Rot

If you are experiencing wood rot, it may be due to the flawed manufacturing process of original Seal Rite windows and/or their installation. Your original Seal Rite windows did not come primed from the factory. The original Seal Rite Windows neglected to prime the underside and edges of the sash. As well many contractors also did not prime the windows underside and edges of the sash before installation diminishing the life of the original Seal Rite Window sashes. 

New Seal-Rite Windows Solution

All New Seal-Rite Windows are hand dipped with Wood Life 111. Woodlife® 111 is a unique blend of water repellent and wood preservative ingredients developed for the protection of wood products in above ground exposures. Woodlife® 111 was developed to treat millwork, shingles, siding, plywood, hardboard, flakeboard, structural lumber, fences, and other wood products. Our process immerses your entire sash into a bath of Woodlife® 111.

Over time, exposure to the elements cause the sash to begin rotting from the underside, and out of sight of the homeowner. New Seal-Rite windows also offers the service of proper priming and painting of sashes, and proper finishing on stained sashes. 

If you choose to prime and paint your own windows, you can be assured that New Seal-Rite Windows has hand dipped your new sashes in Woodlife® 111. 

Click here for more information about Woodlife® 111.

Problem #2: The Glass

The second problem the original Seal Rite Windows Inc. windows had was that the company used lower quality glass. Over time the seals broke causing condensation between the panes causing fogged glass. We can help whether you got your windows from any prior Seal-Rite windows or SealRite windows manufacturer.

New Seal-Rite Windows Solution

The New Seal-Rite Windows solution is to use high quality locally manufactured dual-pane glass with the option of Low E & Argon Gas that has a 10-year manufacturer warranty. Each window is manufactured by hand and we make sure that the manufacturing process includes high quality products.

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The New Seal-Rite Windows Bottom Line

 The New Seal-Rite Windows manufactures a high-quality product in four ways. 
1. We handcraft each sash and wood window component.
2. We totally immerse each sash and all exterior wood window components in Woodlife® 111 which provides nearly five times the protection of traditional millwork preservatives on pine.
3. We use a high quality locally manufactured dual-pane glass with the option of Low E & Argon Gas.
4. We apply a highly durable sealant between the sash and glass.
We are proud to serve all your wood window needs.